I have learned through the years that the best birthday parties are ones with planned activities. By guiding the children in structured play, it eliminates the kids becoming restless and creating their own games that could be a little rough or end up leaving individuals out.

The problem is that often to hire a venue or someone that can run the party for you can become a little costly, especially when you are looking at a large number of children.

So this year we came up with an idea that was so easy to organise, the time flew by so quickly that we had just done the cake when parents were arriving to fetch their kids, and most importantly the kids all had an amazing time and spoke about it for ages afterwards. WINNER!!!

Party Theme: Odd Ball Olympics

For the invitation, I found some pictures that were relevant, opened a word document, inserted images and then inserted a text box where I included the details for the party. This is an easy way to design an invitation if you need to print a lot of invitations as you are able to size it so you can fit a few on a page.


So we have the invite list and the invitations have been sent out, next step is to decide what stations you would like to have. This will depend on the size of your property and the number of children that are attending.

We decided to have 8 different stations.

Water slide

Water Slide

The aim is to carry your empty bucket to the top of the slide, fill it and see if you can make your way down without losing too much water. Empty the water from your bucket into the bin and the team with the most water in the bin wins.

Wheel barrow hoop Race

Wheel Barrow Race

Push your team member to the end of the track, they will pop the hoop over the stake, you will collect the hoop off the stake and run back for the next person to jump in the wheel barrow and have their turn. 

3-legged soccer goal

3-legged race

Tie your middle leg together with your team member and you need to run to the nets and kick the ball so it reaches the back of the net.  The team with the most goals wins.

Egg throwing


Throw the egg from one person to the other, the team that breaks the least eggs wins.  It is real messy, but lots of fun.

Water Balloon and Spoon race

Grab your water balloon and place it on your spoon, try get to the other side and back without dropping it.  If it drops, you start again. The first team for all members to have a turn wins.

Waiter game

Waiter Game

Fill all the cups and glasses on your tray with water, see if you can make it to the other side without spilling too much.  Empty the water into the dish.  The team that has the most water wins.

Spin and Hit

Take the cricket bat, place it on your forehead, run in a circle 10 times and then try and hit the tennis ball into the net. It is a lot harder than it sounds.

Blow up ball charge

Blow up ball race

Place the blow up ball between the two of you and run to the end of the track without dropping it.  You are not allowed to hold on to the ball.  If you drop it, you will have to start again.  The first team for all the members to finish wins.

What you will need:

Slip and Slide or Tarpaulin, hose pipe, rope, stakes, 2x buckets, 2x tubs, 2x bins and dish washing soap or bubble bath


Soccer goals, balls on elastic or Elastic to tie their legs

EGGS (yes real eggs straight from the chicken)

Serving spoons and water balloons.

Trays, plastic cups and glasses, 2x 2litre jugs and large bowls or basins. (water supply near to top up)

Cricket bat’s tennis balls and goals.

Blow up balls.

Danger tape to demarcate the areas

Whistle and stop watch

Pens to write on the score cards

Ruler to measure winning teams water level’s

Here are the score cards that we made for each team:


Click here to download

Cake Time:

I just love ice cream cake as the kids all dive in and there are never any bits that go to waste as it can be frozen for a good few weeks afterwards if needed.

If you are feeling extra enthusiastic, you can make an individual medal for each child to take home.


These medals were made using an image of a medal that I printed on plain paper. I then cut out the shapes out of a beer box.  You will need double the number of images so you will be able to cover both sides of the medal.  Alternatively, you can print a thank you message on the back.  Prior to the time you will have to collect the tabs off soft drink cans.

Step one

Print and cut out your medal pictures

Step Two

Cut out your circles out of the beer boxes.

Step Three

Using normal school glue, glue your image onto the front and back of the cardboard cutout.

Step Four

With a knife, separate the layers in the cardboard.

Step Five

Put some Clear adhesive on both sides of the cool drink tab, ensuring that there are no sharp pieces and the biggest circle is at the top. Push it inside the hole that you have just made, squeeze it together and hold it closed for a few seconds.  Put aside to dry.

Step Six

The best and cheapest cord to use is called rats tails.  It is available at all fabric shops, comes in a variety of colors and is really, really cheap.

Tie on your cord and your medals are ready to be given to the champions.

We had so much fun, and it was so easy to organize.  Use items that you have at home and get creative.  Enjoy!!!







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