What makes me choose the restaurant’s that I do!

Resturant Review

This weeks 5 Star Restaurant Review goes to Stretta Café in Hillcrest Durban.

When looking for a restaurant, whether it is for a family meal, diner for two (well that’s a nice thought), breakfast or Coffee with the Girls. There are a few things that influence my decision.

StarCONSISTANCY: I like a place where I know that no matter what I order or what time of day it is, I will always leave feeling like that was the best choice of restaurant. As we know eating out is not cheap and the last thing you want is to walk away disappointed with your meal or the service and knowing deep down that you did not get your money’s worth. My favourite restaurants are those where I know no matter what the food will be amazing, even if it is something new that I am ordering. This is what creates regulars and loyal customers.

StarGREETING: As in every industry your first point of call is vitally important, and it very often sets the tone for the whole meal. Restaurants are busy and often there is not a table available if you did not book, but nobody wants to feel like they are not wanted. There is nothing better than being greeted by a friendly face, and advised on the table availability. I am always prepared to wait for a table if needed, but when this request is done in a negative manor, I find myself leaving the restaurant with a bitter taste in my mouth.There is nothing better than being introduced to the person who is seating you and being told that so and so your waiter or waitress will be with you shortly. It is funny how the little things make the biggest difference

StarAVAILABILITY OF STAFF: There is a fine line when it comes to customer service. You have those eager beeves that hover over you, making you feel that you have to gobble and go, and then you get those places where you look like you are watching a tennis match in search of your waitron. Whether it is for another beverage or to pay the bill, it is always nice to have your waitron standing back so you have the comfort of knowing that they are there if you need them without feeling harassed.

StarINFORMING YOUR CUSTOMER: When ordering a meal, I love it when they tell me that what I have ordered does take a little longer to prepare. I love being told that the kitchen is really busy so things may be delayed, but can they bring us something in the meanwhile. My pet hate is if when you wonder if they went to the shop to pick up your food because it is taking so long. I love a waitron who notices that the drinks are finished and comes to ask you if you would like another one.

StarAMBIENCE AND ATMOSPHERE: There is a friendly buzz in the air. The lighting is perfect. The tables are perfectly spaced to give you privacy, yet a feeling of involvement. The Deco creates a rustic yet sophisticated feel.

This week’sStar StarStarStarStargoes to Stretta Café. I have had the pleasure of having breakfast, lunch and supper at Stretta Café. I have eaten out with my children, as well as had coffee for a business meeting. I am yet to be disappointed. They meet every one of my 5 Starrequirements and so I would like to give them a big thumbs up. I am a loyal customer and will not look back. Thank you Stretta for your amazing food, staff and service. Well done!!



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