This is Flipping brilliant!

When we grew up, (man I hate that saying.) but unfortunately it is true, our childhoods, were worlds apart from the lives our children lead.

We had to wait a whole day before anything came on the TV, and we did not have the electronic devices that are available today, we would have to come up with different ways to entertain ourselves. Not everything we played with was free, we did have hula-hoops, marbles and yo-yo’s, but a lot of our fun was created by games we made up. Make believe adventures, elastic skipping games, hopscotch. We were the future MacGyver’s and Inventors, making anything and everything around us into a potential new toy or game.

Sadly, as time has advanced so have children and often they are unable to create fun for themselves. Everything has to have a rule, a list of instructions and a plan. The element of using your imagination to create fun has gone and sadly the only items that do get used to play games, either cost a lot of money or they have batteries or a charging cable.
My kids have been through the many crazes, most of them I really did not like. I despise those swop cards that they have to collect as nine times out of ten they created a fight or tears. I believe there is a place for iPad, Xbox and TV, but it should not be a normal part of the day. If you don’t need to turn the lights on in the house, then you should be outside exploring, inventing, imagining and growing.

Well hold your breath ladies, because just like our T.V comes express from the US, so do a lot of our kid’s trends and entertainment. This time it is not Ben 10 or Pokémon. It is a craze that you will be unable to put a stop to.

Bottle Flipping

Yes, that is correct Bottle Flipping, this new exciting craze takes some serious skill and practice. Watch it on YouTube to see what the buzz is all about.
Ok a little secret between you and I, when my kids were at school I practised and practised until I got it right. I waited till they were sitting at the table having lunch and casually walked past and flipped the bottle onto the table. Yes, you can imagine the looks of shock, horror and absolute awe that I got. Ok this time the reason they got distracted at lunch and did not finish was all my fault, yes I had to do it again and again and then they wanted a try.
I know there have been mixed feelings about this craze, but I just love it, I believe that it teaches commitment, creativity, dedication, concentration and a feeling of self-achievement. There are no limits to what they can achieve. WIN, WIN, WIN!!!

Like any game there must be ground rules.

1. It is best to practice outside or behind closed doors. (this is to avoid the thud, thud, thud driving Mom completely insane.)
2. We have a water crisis, so no water may ever be tipped out of a bottle, you have to drink it, or don’t play. (it is amazing how much water the kids want to drink)
3. Like everything, there is a time and place for Bottle Flipping, the time is not when everyone is sitting at the dinner table or when you are in bed, supposed to be sleeping, and it is most definitely not during class time.
4. We are trying to save the earth, so don’t litter. Any bottles left lying around will result in the game being band.
5. Never throw a bottle to close to another person. Stand back and have turns.

This is the first craze in years that I believe is truly beneficial for our children. Set the ground rules and let them give it a go. It is lots of fun and has so many hidden benefits.

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