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In general, I really don’t like to test drive car’s. I find it rather overwhelming to jump behind the wheel of a new car with someone sitting next to me, watching my every move. We all know that each car is different and often it takes a while to get used to how that particular car breaks, and you hope that you can get the hang of it without sending the passenger colliding towards the dash board, and then there is the accelerator. The pedal that you hope when you put your foot on it, you don’t end up wheel spinning out of the show room.

Well today was a first for me. I got to experience a very different car. A car that ticked all the mommy boxes for me. I got the wow factor or Supertech Durban and drive the BMW i3.


Let’s talk about the drive, I opened the incredibly lightweight door, jumped into the seat that was so comfortable, I’m sure it was not meant for a car. I adjusted the mirrors and pressed the nifty little start button. At first it felt a little strange as there really was no need to use the brake pedal, as you decrease the pressure on the accelerator, the car gradually slows down, when you lift your foot off the accelerator the car comes to a complete stop.

As we drove out of Supertech Durban, instead of heading for the motorway, we decided to take the back roads, with all of its turns, narrow lanes, bumps and pot holes. I really needed to get an everyday feel of this car. Lucky for me, there was a perfect straight with no cars in front, so I quickly decided to put my foot down and see what this car could do. Wahoo, man it is really quick. There is definitely no problem with taking the gap in traffic, or making up for lost time, this baby goes.

Now we hit all the turns, bends and stop streets. I could not believe it, the BMW i3 glided through every turn like a princess at a ball. It was so quiet that when I came to a stop, for a brief second, I thought I had stalled. There was no engine noise at all.


The snazzy little on board computer gave me a few stars for my great driving, (I definitely need to show my hubby). I drove for a good 20 – 30 km and was presently surprised to see that the distance we had travelled had hardly made a dent in the battery life.

I cannot remember the last time I jumped into a new car and it felt like I had been driving it my whole life. I’m sure my shoes take longer to settle in than it did driving the BMW i3. With two spacious back seats and plenty of leg room, I know that kids will be happy and safe. I was really impressed with the SOS button in case of an emergency. Each i3 can be fitted with the BMW Connected Drive system, which gives the driver access to concierge services as well as emergency services. Using a sim-card in the car, calls from call centres in Germany can contact the driver directly. Just another wow factor. In the event of an accident, the driver will receive a phone call to the car sim, stating that they are aware of the collision, airbags x and x were deployed and assistance is on the way. That to me is like driving around with your own little army, ensuring that you are safe. Being a BMW, it has all the safety features that you would expect from a BM, even though the car is a fully electric vehicle and very different to all the other BMW’s out there. After being informed about Supertech Expert technicians that are trained on i, I knew that I would always be in good hands.

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So what made me test drive the BMW i3 when there are so many other options out there?

The car is fully electric, which means that I no longer have to be concerned about the increasing price of petrol or diesel. It will cost you a mere R20 -R25 to fully charge the car.

The clever i3 has an on-board computer that will tell the driver when a service is due. This is one way to ensure that you keep your vehicle in good condition.

I just love the fact that I am able to do my best for the environment by going green. I love the fact that my children know how much I care for their future and the world they live in. To top it off, I get to do my bit for the environment with so many perks and self-gain, that is like being paid to recycle.

BMW are so confident with the i3 that they are now offering a 2 year buy back option. So you have the confidence of knowing that you will never have to worry about the resale of your car.

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Another big point for me is not just the car but the overall experience of a dealership. I need to know that once I have purchased a vehicle, I will not be forgotten about. Supertech Durban does not just sell cars; they create lifelong partnerships, with world class service.

Upon arrival at the Supertech dealership, I was greeted with a friendly smile from the Meet and Greet Hostess who asked me how she could help. She asked me to give her a minute, but while I waited, I could ask the ladies at the ISetta Restaurant/coffee shop for a cappuccino which was promptly brought to where I was sitting in the executive lounge.

Supertech Durban coffee shop

Being nosy I had a quick peak around the corner and was quite taken back by the row of automated massage chairs that they have for their clients while they wait. Ok so this is a car dealership, but yet they have Executive Lounges, Satellite T.V and Wi-Fi, a restaurant that is a full green initiative. They are definitely beginning to enhance my customer experience. After being greeted by the Sales executive that introduced me to the vehicle and advised on the best options, I was then handed over to a Product Genius who knew every detail of the vehicle and could take me on a test drive and answer all my many questions.   Due to the fact that I crave information and wanted the nitty gritty, the poor guy had to answer my many questions that he did so willingly. My main question was what next, what happens if I did decide to buy the BMW i3?

I was waiting for the usual sales pitch and was blown away with the information I was given. Apart from the gentlemen that I had already met, they had not only a finance department, but an admin department that did in-house licencing to save you the trouble. If you need to book your car into the service or repair centre, you can do so by using their easy to use App, that is suitable for both android and apple phones. Now that is very impressive. On top of all of this, they still give follow up calls, reminders of your cars milestones and upcoming services.

Due to my dedication towards our environment, I wanted to know more about why Supertech Durban called themselves a Green Building? I found out that the Green Building Counsel of South Africa had given Supertech Durban a 4 Star on their existing building performance. They are the only dealership in south Africa to achieve this accolade. They also advised me that they were the first i-dealership in the province and one of four in the country. I was not only sold on the car, but on the reassurance that I had chosen the right dealership.

I still find it hard to believe that you can have everything that you could want and need all wrapped up in a sexy looking car. For me, this car is a no brainer. It has now moved to the top of my must have list.

For Further information on the BMW i3, battery life, specs etc. please click on the link. BMWi3

Supertech Durban watch this space, you have not seen the last of me. Now I just need to convince the Hubby that: THERE REALLY IS NO OTHER OPTION WHEN IT COMES TO THE PERFECT MOMMY CAR. I have decided that BMW stands for Best Mommy WheelsFor any new age Mom trying to do her best for her family, the environment and save money this is car is a must have.

For more information on the BMW i3 or for a test drive, please contact Supertech Durban on 031-9413072

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