Simple and Successful Birthday Party Ideas for Boys and Girls

We have finally recovered from Christmas, Valentine’s Day is on the way but the next big thing you will probably have to plan is a Birthday Party for your child. Here are a few fantastic Party ideas that worked like a dream and did not break the bank.

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Kids just love throwing things at each other, but unfortunately we keep ruining their fun, so why not host a party where they can do just that.

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How to host a water balloon party?

  • You will need is 2 different colours for the teams, I choose red and blue.
  • I purchased standard balloons in red and blue, 200 per colour is a good idea.
  • 4 large laundry buckets to put the balloons in. (try and get ones with handles as this will help with carrying the filled water balloons)
  • Large pieces of cardboard, (I got some fridge boxes from the appliance shop)
  • Dial sticks to hammer into the ground to hold the cardboard up.
  • Branches and cable ties to create a camouflage shield
  • Roll of Red and blue silk ribbon for head bands.

This party is best held around midday as you need it to be warm enough for the children to get wet, but you don’t need a bunch of lobsters leaving your party. You also need time in the morning to fill the balloons.


WB 7The day before, you can hammer in the dial sticks, 4 per camo board as you will need to slide the cardboard in-between them. Cut out the squares from the cardboard boxes, keeping in mind not to make them too high as the children will need to see over them. Take your cardboard squares and make your holes where you will thread the cable ties through to hold the branches onto the cardboard. Cut down your branches and secure them onto the cardboard. Make sure that you leave them inside overnight as you don’t want them to get soggy.

On the day, before you get dressed for the party, start filling the water balloons. A few tricks that help. Make sure the bucket is near the tap. Buy a water balloon fitting for the tap, Mr Price Sports stocks them. Get two smooth surface pens that are the same size to help you with tying the balloons, (I will go into detail about that in a bit). Get your kids to fill while you tie as this process does take a long time.

Once the balloon is full of water, take the two pens and hold them together with your dominant hand, using your other hand wrap the neck of the balloon round both pens, pull them apart and post the end in-between the two pens, then slide it off and pull tight. This will save your fingers, as tying 400 balloons will leave your fingers more than a little tender. Slide your camouflaged cardboard shields in-between the dial sticks. Don’t leave the balloons in the sun as they will pop. Rather put them in place just before the party begins. Don’t put all the balloons out at once as the party will be over before you know it. Put out half the balloons, then the teams can have a break, some food and juice, this is also a great time to do the cake. Then it is back for round two.

WB 4Once everyone arrived I asked the birthday boy to select another team leader, each leader chooses their teams and once the teams are chosen then we took the roll of ribbon and cut a piece to fit each child’s head. I found that if you cut them before hand, you have a lot of wasted pieces and it is amazing how children’s head sizes differ.

Now you have your teams, they can line up behind their line of defence and wait for you to bring the balloons. I took this opportunity to remind them that this was not a contact sport and so they had to throw the balloons from behind the shields and were not allowed on the other team’s side. (it sort of worked, but we had no casualty’s.) Once we had finished round two and all the balloons were finished, we had prize giving and the winning team received a trophy. (yes it was rigged and the winning team was the Birthday boys team and he got to keep the trophy as he was the team leader but…)

The kids had so much fun and it was a really easy unique party.

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Now here is one for the Girls.

This party works best between the age of 9 and 12 as they need to be able to select a few selected friends and not the whole class.

How to host a Pamper Party for your Princess?

File 2016-02-11, 13 38 55

  • You will need at least one other female adult to help you.
  • You will need 8 plastic chairs.
  • 8 small towels rolled up to place behind their heads.
  • 8 towels on the floor in front of their chair.
  • 8 fabric head bands
  • 8 face cloths
  • 4-foot spa’s (this is where you have to beg and borrow from friends and family), If you cannot get any foot spa’s then large bowels will also work so don’t stress too much if you cannot get any.
  • 4 plastic dinner trays with fold out legs.
  • Jug of warm water
  • 4 bowls for facials
  • Cotton wool pads to go over their eyes
  • Foot scrub and Foot soak (If you are using bowels and not a foot spa then bath bombs are great to create the same bubbly feeling as a foot spa)
  • Homemade face mask (the recipe is below)
  • A bar of rooibos soap
  • Nail polish, polish remover, cotton wool, nail buffer and hand cream.
  • Acquis Cream

File 2016-02-11, 13 39 18

To set up, choose a room that is quiet and away from the rest of the noisy house hold.

Either place the chairs in a circle or in two rows facing each other.

On the seat of each chair place the rolled up towel, face cloth and head band. Try to stick to white and pink, or the Birthday Girls favourite colour as this will give you a beautiful themed look to the room. A great way to double up on an item they use and a gift to take home is to take the face cloth and headband and either have them embroider or you can use permanent fabric marker and write each Girls name on them. You could even write their name followed by a heart and the Birthday Girls name. They can take these home with them when the party is over.

The Girls will be divided into two groups, first group will have their face done first, and the second will have their feet done first.

They will place their head bands on, sit down with the towel behind their neck and the face cloth on their lap. Now they are ready to be pampered.

Let’s start with the Pedicure girls first.

Make sure you have a folded towel on the floor in front of them to avoid any water spills.  Fill either the foot spa or the bowl with warm water, add the foot soak. If you are using bowls, add the bath bomb and let it start to fizz. Now let the girls sit there with their feet soaking, while they are sitting there, you can start with girl number one’s hands. Place the fold out plastic tray on her lap and now you have an easy work surface. Buff her finger nails, give her hands a quick massage and paint her nails, move through the 4 girls until their hand are all finished. Then start with girl number one again and remove her feet from the water, dry them off, give them a quick massage and paint her toe nails, move through the girls till all four are finished and have dry nails and then they can go and have something to eat and drink before they have their facials.

File 2016-02-11, 13 37 28

For the facial girls.

Using a bowl of warm water, get the girls to wash their face with the rooibos soap, and use the face cloth to rinse their face. They can then use the rolled up towel to dry their faces before rolling it up again to place behind their neck. Once their face is clean you can then start with girl number one and coat her face with the gentle home-made mask.



How to make a gentle oatmeal face mask?


  • Oatmeal
  • Hot water (not boiling)
  • 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 small egg white

Combine ½ cup of hot water and 1/3 cup oatmeal. After the water and oatmeal have settled for two or three minutes, mix in 2 tablespoons plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons honey and the egg white. It is now ready to apply to the face.

Once you have coated their face with the mask, place the warm cotton wool pads over their eyes and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Once all four girls have their mask on you may now start with their hands as mentioned above. When the 10 to 15 minutes is up, use cotton wool to gently remove the mask, make sure you remove all of it otherwise it will leave her feeling very sticky. Once you have removed all four girl’s masks, you can apply the acquis cream to finish off their facial. Swop them over till all of the Girls have had their faces, hands and feet done.  If you have time, you can always add some make-up and style their hair.

File 2016-02-11, 13 37 53

Girls just love to be pampered and made to feel special and this is such an easy way to achieve your goal.








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