Satin Candy, letting us know all about breasts

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Satin Candy lingerie boutique owner, Sandra Thomas rectifies on some myths about your breasts and exercising! 

Some of the myths that are so often heard range from “exercising helps keeps your breast from drooping”, “there is no need to wear a sports bra during high impact activity” and the urban legend that “underwire bra’s cause breast cancer” which are all false!

 Firstly, breasts consist of fat and glandular tissue, not muscle, which means they cannot be tightened or toned, like that of a buttock, however, if one should do chest related exercises, this can assist in strengthening the surrounding ligaments in the pectoral area which may help breasts look perkier.

Then there is the fact that when it comes to sporting activity that involves high intensity, it is advised that a supportive bra is used. A supportive bra reduces the stress placed on your breasts during your workout routine.  High impact exercises cause the breasts to bounce, which will eventually cause damage to the connective tissues in your breasts, that is why Thomas always suggests that customers with a keen sense of high impact activity, purchase a supportive sports bra like that of their Anita Sports Bra. This particular bra fuses high-function details like no other sports bra. It offers complete stability supported by the X-shaped back which produces a less bounce effect while still being easy to wear and comfortable thanks to its ‘easy on and off’ features. Remember when doing high intensity exercise or even horse riding be sure to replace annually.

When it comes to underwire bras, Thomas says that there is no medical evidence to support this notion. states that there is no scientific evidence to support the rumour that underwire bras cause breast cancer by blocking the drainage of lymph fluid from the bottom of the breast so it can’t get back into your body. “Only one scientific study has looked at the link between wearing a bra and breast cancer. There was no real difference in risk between women who wore a bra and women who didn’t wear a bra”. Another important point, if it did cause breast cancer it would have to carry a warning label like that of packets of cigarettes.

Finally when wearing an underwire bra, one does need to ensure you are wearing the correct sized bra otherwise the underwire does tend to push into your breast tissue and that’s not pleasant or even comfortable.

With that said, Thomas does however highlight that there are some myths that are true like that of the aging process having an effect on sagging breasts This is true!

 Aging is something inevitable and as your body gets older, tissues and ligaments in the body as well as elastin and collagen in the breasts begin to deteriorate. “For those who are menopausal, a fat starts to replace the dense tissue in the breast which lacks ability to support the breast, causing sagging, but at Satin Candy we don’t only offer bra’s that will help beat the sag and make you look lifted and supported, but we also ensure that you are correctly fitted. I have come across thousands of women who do not know their proper bra size and most times are wearing the wrong size bra which really does not do your breasts any justice,” Thomas adds.

Satin Candy is a quaint and classy retail lingerie outlet with stores in both Durban North and Kloof that stocks everything from bras to sleepwear and fun underwear to bra accessories.

For more information give Satin Candy a call on either 031 764 5541 (Kloof) or 031 564 4042 (Durban North) or visit

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