Principles of Magic Moms and code of ethics

Magic Moms shall be dedicated to providing competent, compassion, care and respect for your Motherhood dignity and rights.

Magic Moms shall uphold the highest standards of professionalism, and be honest in all professional interactions.

Magic Moms shall respect the law.

Magic Moms shall respect the rights of clients, colleagues, and health professionals, and shall safeguard clients and their privacy within the constraints of the law.

Magic Moms shall recognize a responsibility to participate in activities contributing to the improvement of the journey of Motherhood.

Magic Moms is neutral in working with the community. Our sole responsibility is to the well-being of our followers at all times. To this end, Magic Moms shall not sell any product or service except those that will benefit our followers.

Magic Moms reserves the right to refuse Advertisers if their content does not have Synergy with our principles and audience.

Magic Moms will always maintain a professional approach towards our subject matter and advertisers. Although all our content has been researched it still remains the opinion of our Magic Moms Author’s.