Map out your life for a greater Success

When you decide to travel, you have a game plan. Before you leave, you make sure that you have your transport organised, you have somewhere to stay, you have worked out how much money you will need and you have planned to ensure that you don’t run out of money. You have a map to guide you along the way. These are the standard rules that we apply to ensure that everything goes as planned and we don’t come unstuck along the way.

So why would you attempt to go through life without a game plan. If we don’t put together a game plan, we find ourselves moving from day to day, sticking to the mundane routine that the day holds and although it is busy and the important things get done, we will not be achieving greatness. We all need goals to work towards, plans for our future. If we don’t plan, we find ourselves stuck in a Ground Hog Day situation, every day we start our busy days and end them in the same way. By living like this you are denying yourself of greatness.

Here are a few steps to help you Map out your future:

Ask yourself what your game plan is?

Game Changer


If you have not yet thought about a game plan, you are probable running around chasing your tail and finding life not just overwhelming, but uneventful and pointless. Put your plan together, no matter if it is weeks, months or years that you are planning, if you don’t have a clear plan and goal in mind, you will never be able to achieve it.

Have you mapped out where you are going?

Map out your life


When we are young, it is often fun to live life with the idea that we will wait and see which way the wind blows, but as we get older it is of vital importance to have a clear map of where we are going. This will help save you time and money as well as guide you along the way so that you don’t get side tracked. A map consists of a starting point and a final destination. When you have worked out where you are going in life, you need to plan how you are going to get there. By having a clear map, you will be better equipped to execute your plan.

What is important to you and what can you ditch?

Feeling a little stretched

 We all find ourselves picking up added stress along the way, sometimes it is to help a friend out, other times it is a school thing that we feel obliged to help with. These things have to be done every now and then, but keep a check on them, make sure that they are not consuming you and standing in the way of your game plan. Always keep in mind that it is ok to say no, and people might be a little irritated at first, but they will respect you for your honesty.

Are your finances in check?

Do you have enough money to follow through with your plan and if not,

what plan do you have to increase your finances?

Money Matters


If you are planning to stay at a 5 Star Hotel, yet you only have money to stay at the local back packers, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. The cost of living is constantly increasing, yet our pay checks seem to stay the same. Ensure that you live within your means, save some money for a rainy day and keep your goals in line with your finances. If you have items that you don’t need, you will always find someone willing to buy them from you. Play smart and you will end up on top.

Do you have a secure roof over your head that meets your needs?

Home Sweet Home


Life is expensive, and it takes time to own the house of our dreams. In some cases, we will have to alter our dreams to make them a reality. The key is to ensure that you always have the safety and security in knowing that you will always have somewhere to call home.

How can I be better?

File 2016-06-20, 15 01 16


If you don’t keep questioning yourself and pushing yourself to do better, you will never grow as a person.

Is the life you are living the journey that you intended, or did you take a wrong turn along the way?

Choose your cross roads


Life does not always turn out as we plan, there are so many things that are out of our control and we have to accept them. The thing is that if life is not going to plan, you have the power to change it. This decision may take time and a lot of effort but it can be done. Don’t let life move forward like a runaway train, make sure you are on the right tracks and look out for the cross roads along the way. You don’t have to wait for the train wreck.

Take lots of pictures along the way!

A Picture tells a thousand words


These are a great reminder of how far you have come and what you have achieved. So often we are so busy moving forward that we forget how we got there in the first place.

Today will change your future




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