Is it Wine O’clock Yet?

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Have you ever noticed how many images float around Social Media about women and wine, especially Mothers?

I was paging through posts the other day and thought, wow! Why is it that Moms need wine?

Men more often than not have highly stressful, demanding jobs and yet you don’t seem to see as many posts about men and beer. This got me thinking why Moms need something to help them along, whether it is coffee or wine. With a little research, I think that I have worked it out.

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A man, no matter how demanding or stressful his job is, only has 3 main things that he has to worry about every day.

  1. His Job
  2. Finances
  3. Himself

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A Mother has her job, (and it does not matter if your job is going out to work or staying at home.) she has a house to run, groceries to buy, lunches, dinner and snack boxes to prepare. She has to be on top of the whole families’ schedule, what they need to pack for the next day. She has to gracefully deal with the man’s stress, the kids stress and her own. Her job is 24/7 and to shut off and relax is almost imposable. There are routines and deadlines to stick by, no time to chill. When a mother wakes up, the first thing she has to do is make sure the rest of the family are up, breakfast is ready and everyone is well on their way to getting ready for school. She can then get herself showered and dressed, but there is always a deadline as to when you have to leave, so that you will get everyone to their destination on time. She then continues with her day and all the little things that she has to make sure are done and ready. Then it is homework, dinner, supervise bath time and make sure the kids are in bed on time.

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Now she has a little piece and quiet and this often becomes the time to pour yourself a glass of wine and try and slow down to a gentle rush, opposed to the chaos and panicked tone of the day.

File 2016-01-21, 12 55 43The above is a Mothers daily ask, but as we all know, not all days are the same, then there are days when we have to throw in a sick or injured child. Or deal with an upset that is the end of their little world, and we do this calmly, well we will never let them know if we don’t really feel like that. Then there are the sports games that are only just announced or please send xx to school tomorrow. Yip this is the day and the life of a Mother.

We would not swop it for the world, but now you can understand why there are so many images and sayings about Moms and wine. For those that choose coffee instead of wine, it is exactly the same. How would you possibly get through the day without a reward.

A few years ago I was ill and had to go to hospital un-expectantly. This was the first time that I had not planned everything for the family and it was a little chaotic to say the least. Richard has always been a supportive hands on Dad, but this was the first time that he realised what it takes to run a house and that it can take all of an hour for kids to put on shorts, a shirt, shoes and socks. I don’t think he ever really understood what I was moaning about until he had to play Mom. Since then he wakes the kids up in the morning and makes sure they are eating before he heads out for work.

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I love being a Mother and a Wife, but sometimes it is nice to have just yourself to worry about, and when that is not the case, well there is always coffee and wine.

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