If I was a good teacher, I would home school my kids!


The truth is I’m not, that is why I send them to school.  Yet as time goes on I find that my afternoons are filled with trying to help the kids with homework.  I went to school and I matriculated, when I left, I thought it was for ever.  It never occurred to me that when I became a mother I would have to do it all over again.  I asked my Son’s teacher the other day, why she didn’t like me?  She looked at me horrified, wondering what she had done to make me feel this way, until I put her out of her misery.  Why do you keep on giving me so much homework to do?  Ok, so now she believes that I am completely bonkers.

I’m sure they believe that the kids skip in from school and sports eagerly anticipating what homework they can do today?  Then without a fight open their books and quickly and neatly complete the necessary tasks, without making Mom want to hide in the cupboard. Just a little something to keep in mind.  I refuse point blank to have world war three over homework.  If your child is having one of those days where they start crying before they have even opened their book.  Let it go!  Write a not in the homework book saying not today.  The teacher will appreciate this.  Nobody will be productive if they are not in the right frame of mind, and is not worth the fight.  They have twelve years of homework, today will not make a difference.

I wish!!  I honestly think that I hate homework more than the kids do, mostly because there are two of them that both need me to help them or listen to them read, or do a project on the family tree.  (like I know when Great Granny was Born)

So, to keep me away from my glitzy pink straight jacket that I’m sure will be needed at some point, I have come up with some tricks that I find really help.  The key to parenting is not how clever you are, or how much time and patients you have, it is about how cunning and creative you can be.

1st when we get home, having two boys, they are always hungry so I tell them to unpack and start their homework while I make them something to eat.  I secretly watch to see how far they can get before I put their food in front of them.  This is all the motivation they need.

2nd they usually have a list of words that they must write out and then make a sentence with.  When it comes to the sentence our game is to see how many words they can put in the sentence with it still making sense.  Sometimes I will come up with a sentence and they must try and do one better.  They love beating me.  This turns a 3-word sentence into a 3-line sentence.

3rd maths.  I am so lucky that both my boys are good at maths, as I have not got a clue what is going on.  The way they are taught is so different to how we did things that before you know it, you are both confused.  When it comes to Maths, I have learned that it is better to put a note in the book asking the teacher for help.  This also helps the teacher identify that your child is struggling with that section.

4th Reading, give me strength. We take the reader everywhere, if there is a que that we must stand in, we start reading.  If we are waiting for the other one to finish sport, we start reading.  When they get, older and are more confident with their reading it helps as you don’t have to see the pages, to know if something sounds wrong, so you can do this while you are driving or cooking.  It is multitasking at its best.  My older son now does not have a set reader, they can choose what they want to read, so on a Wednesday I get him to read his little brothers library book to him.  Two birds with one stone.  Other than school set reading, I suggest you find a series of books that your child really enjoys, Keagan is now at a stage where he asks me if he can go and read, or take his book to school.  It is so heart-warming.

Finally Spelling. This is probably the most challenging of all, because your child either finds spelling easy or they don’t.  If your child battles with spelling it is a good idea to get a list of high frequency words as these will come up for most of junior school.  These words are words like before, now, if, the, and tomorrow, altogether etc.  I downloaded some fun apps for the kids to practice high frequency words and they love them, but most of all, they really do help.  When it comes to learning their spelling list for their weekly test, I hit super creative mode. Here are a few tricks that I found really worked.

Witch and Which This witch does evil tricks so she can’t go to heaven, which we will do so there is an h in which.
Sleigh Santa’s little elf is getting happy.
Pray or Prey We pray to God and Angels, Eagles are birds of Prey.
Minute Mom is nice until the end.
Look Has two eyes in the middle
Queen She is so important, that she is never by herself, she always has the U next to her.
Friend Fri the end of your Friend.
Calendar Shows you the end of the year Cal End Ar
Leisure Let everyone inside, sure
Whether When Harry enters the house everyone runs
weird Why’s everyone in red dresses
Weight She is either fat or thin, Fatty and a thinny and a GHT
Then there are the ones that have been around for years.
Eight Fatty and a Thinny and a GHT
Because Betty eats cakes and uses six eggs
Beautiful Betty eats apples under the Indian flag until light
Before Betty eats flour or raw eggs

I hope this help, and if you need help with any other words, drop me a comment and I will see what I can do.  Let me know what works for you, we love hearing your comments.


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