How to make Mommy completely loose it!

Oh boy has my Boy been challenging me this week!!!


Getting your ducks in a row

I am not sure if it is because there are only four more weeks left of this long term and he is just feeling a little over it or if it is because they have just been on school tour? Whatever the reason, this attitude has no place in our home. I am sure that sometimes they forget that I am their Mom and not their mate, anyway I decided it was time to put a stop to it and fast.

Feed Me

At the moment, he just seems to think that he has all the time in the world to do what he needs to get done. I am talking about everything from eating to getting dressed. Did you know that it can take an hour to put on a shirt, shorts, socks and shoes? The problem is that loan behold I take my time doing something. If the kids are hungry, it has to be acted on immediately with a dash of speed and a broad smile. It has to be done like this in fear that if not, they may just die of hunger!

what time looks like to children

Yesterday I went to fetch him from rugby practice and I parked where I usually do, after 20 minutes I decided that it was time to go and find him. There he was sitting on the stares with his buddy. I casually asked him if they were finished and he replied “Yes Mom”, so, confused I asked him what he was waiting for? Why he had not come to the car yet and wait for it……………………….. “I can not find my school bag!” I mean really? Who does that? Why would you just sit there. So trying to remain composed I take him to the car, put his sports bag in the boot and tell the two boys to wait at the car and I will go and look for his bag. You won’t believe it! It was the fourth bag that I checked.

So throwing the bag over my shoulder I walked to the car, put everyone in and drove off. He then looks at me all confused and askes, “well where did you find it?” It was where all the other bags were lying on the side of the field, waiting to be collected. I then very calmly asked him what he thought he was doing for 20 minutes and he answered “I don’t know”. Ok so I am trying very hard not to get cross, but the lack of empathy for others was a little disturbing. I then began to question if he thought it was a nice thing for us to wait so long for him? I could not believe it, he still said “I don’t know.” So I decided to take the opportunity and reinforce what we had taught them so many times before. We need to treat other people the same way we want to be treated. Would they like it if they thought I did not care? Would they be happy sitting at the school for half an hour waiting for me? The answers were NO! NO they would not like that at all. So I reminded them that they need to be kind to other people and that we love them very much, and it would be nice if they showed us how much they loved us.

Horror, Shock

Shew lesson done, moving on, the day has to be better. We get home and they unpack their bags while I fix them lunch. After lunch they get their homework books so we can begin. The same child that could not find his bag, left his homework book at school. So I told him not to stress, he carried on with his reading and while he was doing that I dropped a quick WhatsApp to the class group, asking for a photo of the homework. Reading was finished and he hopped up to leave the table. I promptly told him to sit down he was not done. He looked at me all confused,” yes I am, I told you I left the other stuff at school.” I know, but don’t worry my love, mommy made a plan and here are all the words you have to learn. The look on his face was like he was watching a horror movie. Yip Mommy one, Child zero.Mean Mom

I have also discovered a nifty little tool that I picked up at clicks. It is a really nice digital timer. I now set the amount of time they have allocated to each task, and the amount of time it takes them above the allocated time, is the amount of screen time they lose, it is working really well at the moment, but I will keep you posted.

Wow, I thought it was exhausting when they were babies!

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