How life changes after you have kids!

When we finish school we decide what career path we would like to take, and ensure that we are qualified to do so. This process is often a difficult one and takes some people years to finish their qualifications before they can continue with their lifelong dream. The thing is that when these decisions are made, they are made without an understanding of what the future will hold. We have jobs, careers, some we love and others that are done just to ensure financial stability.

Then we have our first child! It is impossible to explain to someone without children how much they will actually change your life. How they will change the way you think and feel. How they will change the way you look at your chosen career. Nobody knows whether they will have a sickly or needy child that will eventually demand that you give up your job. Then there is the conflict as to whether you are earning enough money to support you being able to afford full time care for your child. The variables that come between children and a career are so much bigger than you ever imagined.

So here is what ends up happening:

You give up your career to become a stay at home Mom, at first it feels great to spend time with your little bundle of joy, but then they start school and you find yourself feeling a little lost, you miss interaction with adults, you miss the challenges that a job brings V the challenges of running a home. You know you are needed and incredibly busy, yet it is a different satisfaction than the one you had when you were working. You long for your individual identity, the one where people used to address you by your name instead of xx mother. The other concern is that all the money you have, is not money that you earned and this brings a feeling of guilt and justification. I don’t think I need to elaborate, you know what I am talking about.

Stay at Home Mom

You continue your career, you have the satisfaction that your job brings, you get to be you and you get to earn your own money and are able to contribute to the family’s expenses which in turn leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction, but you have to play the never ending juggling game. Trying to ensure that work does not take you away from your children and their needs. You work a long hard day and then you still need to come home and contend with homework and dinner, and still let the children feel that you have all the time in the world for them. You have to rely on the empathy of those at work to enable you to attend sports functions and Mother’s Day tea’s. You love the feeling that your job gives you, you feel an internal sense of empowerment and security, and an overwhelming feeling of trying to find the perfect balance.

Career Women

You try to find a part time job that will give you the freedom of working, earning your own money and being there for your children when they need. This option is great, but unfortunately is a difficult one to concur. There are jobs that offer flexible time but you need to invest up front in order to get started and the return, although good can take years to reap the benefits. Then there are the jobs that offer flexibility yet your monthly earnings are so iritic that you never know whether the effort you are putting in is worth the return. The other problem that often occurs is that you find a way to incorporate your old career with a new part time career, yet things have advanced so much since you stopped working that you need to do a refresher course or study further to enable you to keep up with the times. The positive of a part time job is that you have the flexibility to attend all the school functions, watch your children’s sports games and help them with areas that they are battling with. The negative is that often these jobs are available, but do not fit in with your previous qualifications. A part time job is still as demanding and consuming as it was when you had a full time job, so you need to ensure that you are still being paid your worth.

Money and Children

What do we do about it?

The obvious answer is that it is up to you and what you want from life. I recently decided that in order for me to grow my career and become more professional in the eyes of the community, I needed to study further. The issue was, how do I continue working, being a Mom and a wife as well as trying to fit in further studies. My days were already so full that my, to do lists, often carried over for days. I would only do grocery shopping when there was nothing left in the house, as it would take up time that I really did not have. Now I was going to try and add another element of stress to my life.

I am super excited to tell you that I found a solution and it has changed my life for the better. I found an online course that allowed me to study for one hour on a Monday evening and one hour on a Wednesday evening, with one assignment a week and in a matter of eight weeks I had a Diploma. The course was so fantastic and manageable that I did not stop at one, I have now received three Diploma’s in the last few months. These Diplomas were so insightful and have assisted me in my job in ways that I never imagined. They have simplified things for me and have highlighted areas that I was doing things wrong or the long way around.

Back to the books

What I wanted from furthering my education was:

  1. To have the flexibility to fit in my studies with my everyday life
  2. Support, and not just an email when I had a question, real support
  3. Affordable studies that would give me the same results.
  4. A course that was easy enough to understand, yet challenging and up to date.
  5. Continued support, even once I had qualified.

I found it all in one institution and I was so very impressed that I have worked hard to be able to offer you the same opportunity. I have been able to secure a limited time offer where Shaw Academy will be offering my Magic Moms readers one free online course, so you will be able to see for yourselves.


Some of the courses that they offer are:

  • Nutrition
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web development
  • Web design
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Photoshop

There are so many courses to choose from, and all of the courses are a mixture of practical and theory.

The best part is that these courses usually cost 395 Pounds, which is just over R7000.00 and we are able to offer you one course of your choice for free.   I am so excited and hope that this helps you reach your dreams, goals, balance and financial freedom. Click Here to see what free courses are available for you.

I would love to hear from you how you found the course and if it was as amazing for you, as it was for me.

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