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UntitledI would like to start off by introducing myself:

My Name is Theresa Gilson, and I am a very proud Wife and Mother. My Husband Richard and I have been married for 15 happy years and we have 2 beautiful boys Keagan who is 12 and Joshua who is 10. As well as a gorgeous step daughter who is 16.

I have had the opportunity to engage in many careers throughout my adult life ranging from Retail to Health Products. Cosmetics and Beauty. Owning my own branding and promotions company. A small stint in advertising as well as Co owning a baby magazine called It’s a Small World. Owning and Managing a company is one thing, but the continuous job of being a mother and wife, well that takes more than any university can teach you.

Throughout my journey, I have picked up many skills and an abundance of knowledge in many areas, but what touched me the most was my constant need to help others with their journey. I was a bit of a slow starter when it came to technology and I think my children picked it up before I did. Now I am addicted to the wonderful world of social media. I love research and have become somewhat of a Pintrest addict. I am an OCD, list lady that prior to having kids had a need for perfection. The children slowly taught me that children and perfection are not two words you can have in the same sentence.

BoysI started Magic Moms because I cannot believe that so many women in the world have had children, yet nobody feels the need to tell the truth. That image that they show you on T.V of the perfect birth, the baby crawling up you to latch, your children being the perfect example of society, it is all a load of B. S. It’s hard, it does not always work out as you planned and you will spend most of your time hunting for the answers, that are almost impossible to find. That Mom with the white couches and home cooked cookies and muffins, looks perfect, but there is something that she is not telling you. Parenting is hard, as soon as you think you have it figured out, your children reach a new stage and you have to start all over again. The thing is that’s ok, you are normal and that is just how Parenting really works. The secret is that it is easier if you are not alone. So, I started Magic Moms, and together we will figure it out. One step at a time.


Through my Blog I hope that I can give you suggestions on ways that I have found and researched on how to deal with all the aspects of Parenting. Empower you with ideas and suggestions to help you become a more organised working or stay at home Mom. Enlighten you with ideas, tips, hints, good buys, fantastic products and service. Give you some of my favourite recipes that don’t take long to whip up and are a winner with the whole family. I will also discuss Kids, illnesses, School issues and a light-hearted bit on birthday parties. I would love all moms to be able to have a platform where we can come together and help each other. I have a huge passion for Women in Business, so this is a big focal point. I will always support the women around us who are so talented, and hope by highlighting them, that they will do the same. To top it off we will offer you competitions, product upcoming events and of course our Seminars and Breakfast’s

MAGIC MOMS releases a new article every week on a Thursday so keep your eyes peeled. I hope you will find each article, interesting, informative, and enlightening a true up-liftman to your busy day.

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