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Felling very nervous of the unknown, I walked into the Durban Laser Clinic this morning for my appointment. I have booked to have Fractional laser. The reason for me choosing to have Fractional laser is that I am so tired of feeling the need to always wear foundation. Those of you who know me, will know that you never see me without foundation or a tinted moisturiser on. The reason is that I really don’t like the look of my uneven skin tone and less than perfect complexion.   I am not aiming to look like a porcelain doll, but it would be great to have a complexion that is a lot less patchy, red and uneven. I have researched the results of Fractional Laser as well as the procedure and it all sounds fantastic and exactly what I am looking for. The thing is that even though they say that it is not painful, the mere mention of down time post treatment had me a little freaked out!

I lay there while Marinda explained the procedure and step by step what they were going to do. After they had cleaned my skin with surgical spirits, put the protective eye goggles on they were ready to begin. Marinda very meticulously moved the machine across in lines from one side to the other. They were right, it was not painful at all. I did jump a few times as they began a new line, but I think it was just nerves. Once she had finished my one cheek, she smoothed some anesthesic gel on to avoid any sensitivity and discomfort. She repeated this until my whole face had been covered, she then ran the machine from top to bottom as she had done before, this created almost a criss cross affect. After the Fractional Laser was completed, Marinda applied a soothing crystal fiber mask. While I was lying there with the mask on, she went through the aftercare instructions that needed to be followed. These instructions were step by step and were presented to me in a goody bag with all the post procedure products that I would need for the next few days. Marinda also suggested that I take an allergex and a myprodol to decrease any inflammation and swelling that may occur.

Still the sound of things was a little unsettling, so here it goes, I’m going to give you the truth behind Fractional Laser.

A Day by Day diary.

Day one before treatment with no make-up on.     Day one after treatment

Before Fractional Laser 2                                      Before Fractional Laser 3

Day one late afternoon

Although the treatment it’s self was not sore, I was very grateful to have the after care products. As the first day went on, my skin felt very tight and almost as though it did not belong to me. The same feeling as you have when you apply a mud mask and it dries. By late afternoon I was only too eager to apply the mask to sooth my skin. I took another myprodol and allergex and made sure I had an early night. I slept with my head slightly levitated as instructed. I was not in terrible pain, it just felt really uncomfortable, like I had really bad sun burn.

Day 1 after Fractional Laser

Day Two

Day 2 B   Day 2 A

I was pleasantly surprised that when I woke up on day two my face was not sore. It still looked very red but the slight swelling seemed to have gone and it did not feel that uncomfortable.

Later on day two, my face was still tight but a lot more comfortable. It was still red but was definitely looking a lot better. The little lines were becoming a lot more visible now and the red was turning brown.

Day Three

Day 3 A    Day 3 B

Today my face felt tight and throughout the day it started to get quite itchy. The criss cross lines started to become very dark and a lot more prominent. I continued with the aftercare creams and spritzer and ensured that I kept my face moisturised the entire day. Day three was extremely manageable and not sensative in the slightest.

Day Four

Day 4 A   Day 4 B

When I woke up on day four, my face was flaking a lot. Even after applying the moisturiser from the kit, my skin still felt very dry and tight. The criss cross lines were very dark. The skin was tight and flaking the whole day, although it was not as itchy as it was on day three.

Day five

Day 5 A   Day 5 B

The flaking continues, at a rapid pace. The hardest part was not to try and help it along. By the end of the day, I only had certain areas left that to peel/flake. There were a lot more prominent dark spots that had surfaced, but I was happy with that because, I could definitely see that it was well on its way to perfection.

Day Six

Day 6 A   Day 6 B

Although my skin was looking much better and I felt a lot more comfortable to go out in public, I did notice that the fractional Laser had brought quite a few deep lying spots to the surface. My pores were definitely looking less prominent and my face felt a lot smoother.

Day seven

Day 7 A   Day 7 B

Woke up this morning and my skin was feeling great and back to normal. The fine lines were hardly there any more, my skins texture was so smooth and the redness had definitely subsided. I am looking forward to seeing the improving results over the next few months.  I don’t think that my skin has looked this good since I was in my early 20’s.

Day 10

Day 10 A   Day 10 B

My pores are looking a lot finer, the texture to my skin is much smoother and the only lines I have left are the two lines, in-between my eyebrows, which look so much better than before. My skin is still not perfect, but I have started wearing a lighter foundation as I don’t feel the need for an extreme cover anymore.  I also found that my skin was not as oily as it was before.

One Month

I am truly happy with my skin, it still feels so new and looks better and better as the days go by. My pores are smoother and smaller. If you see the wrinkles around my eyes in the first picture, you will see that they are completely gone. My skin tone is a lot more even and the redness on my cheeks has gone. I don’t have any breakouts even at that time of month, the only thing I do get occasionally is a few blocked pores, but I’m sure this is due to our very hot summer that we have had. I am feeling so much more confident and have even ventured out a few times without makeup on, which is something new for me. They say that by month three you get to see the full results of the renewed deep layers of the skin and the collagen will be renewed. I am looking forward to seeing even better results.

One Month A   one Month B

One Month C    One Month D

It was a long week for me as I felt very self-conscious, but boy am I glad that I had it done.  I can see my skin improving day by day.  It has given me a new confidence, one that I never knew before.  I would definitely have Fractional Laser done again, but I know that there is only one place that I trust with this delicate procedure.  Durban Laser Clinic.

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